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Sunday, May 15, 2005
thanks to my friends
just wanted to say thank you to the people in my life who i can really count to be my friends. i don't know if i am coming back to crochetville or not. i think the whole thing is so stupid, i don't know what these morons problems are, but for some reason, i became their scape goat. and for someone to tell me how she don't like a person to tell me one thing, run back and tell someone else that i am bad talking her, so was she belive me and i didn't deny it like her, i was pissed. we had made a swap and she was welching on the deal, never will i swap with anyone again. it taught me a valuable lesson that i have never had to deal with. i hate frauds and this person who slams me in her blog, she knows it too. i made no bones about how i felt about this other person, but YOU , you know exactly what i am saying. but whatever, i don't need any of you in my life. don't bother to respond i will delete you too. you guys are welcome to each other. you say grow up, i am not trying to make you choose, you are so wrong, i couldn't care less if you talk with everyone. i use to too, but found that people are a bunch of assholes, you included.i was not trying to make you choose me, and it certainly wasn't me being your friend first,i don't care about that at all. we can all have lots of friends. but i tell ya something. choose them wisely, i screwed up when i chose those people and i won't ever speak to them again. i don't need you guys, you are so immature it isn't even funny, its not a freaking compatition. friends are suppose to be there for you. YOU GUYS are no friends, to put it bluntly, with friends like you, who the hell needs enemys.
fot the rest of you guys who ARE my friends. i don't know if i will be back or not, it makes me feel so glad to know i do have good friends. i guess there is always a few rotten apples. so what i am going to do is take a breather away from the forum, i need some time to figure out what to do. sometimes i want to come back other times i don't i don't want any more stress. so will just ease up for a while, but i want to tell all of you who pm'd me and also who posted. THANK YOU> you guys are all very special to me and i love you all. hugs


Blogger Micky said...

Hi. I am sorry you are having such a bad time with people. I found your blog when I came to Crochetville. I haven't been there long, probably not long enough to find out about the mean people. I hope everything goes better for you. I am charmingly_wicked at Crochetville.

Blogger vicki said...

thanks micky, i am going to ignore them and concentrate on you guys who are my friends. i made a mistake in thinking that these people were my friends and i hope you don't have any problems with them ever. i am so glad that you joined crochetville. if ya want to talk, pm me thanks again my friend :)

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