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Friday, April 15, 2005
Thought the day would never get here. been a lonnnnnnnnnng week, i think tonight i am just going to sit and veg. maybe tomorrow go somewhere with hubby, is nice with the kids beinf grown to not have to haul them around. kristy(daughter) is going to her concert and my son has to work, so its dad and me. wooooohooooo!!!!!

Have been working on a special RAOK i want to send someone, is taking me forever, but know once it is done i will be so glad. is pretty too, but won't say more in case the recipeant is reading this :-)!!!

I did it again, was a baddddd baddd girl last night. bought the most wonderful yarns. i so can not wait to get them,. *sigh*,

Today is sucky out, rainy and cold, typical pacific northwest spring day, i have been getting so spoiled i think this last winter. it was a really dry and fairly warm one.now the rain has returned. some might say, well doesn't it always rain there as we are known as the rain capital of the U.S., but suprising enough, it isn't usually this bad, day after day, yesterday was the exception, and then last night it did rain. oh well, making my lawn green, which hubby is going to fertilize this weekend just so he can watch son moan and grown about having to cut it hehehehehe.

Well more later, i am still new at this blog thing so if any of you have any suggestions to make about what i should put in here. please feel free to tell me, as i don't want this to be boring, and right now i know it is. but i will improve with practice LOL hehehehehehe. Thanks for reading this and have a super day. hugs vicki