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Sunday, April 17, 2005
what a weekend
hello everyone, its now sunday, didn't get to post yesterday as the site seemed to be down. ahhh well its fixed now :) i had a great weekend. yesterday hubby and i went out to some friends house, we enjoyed watching a movie with them, shanghi knights, is such a cute show. and then came home and crocheted. before we went i made a nice dinner. we had bbq porkchops, ovfen roasted potatoes, fresh corn on the bob, and homemade bread with garlic butter. is soooo good, i love baking rbead, and italian herb is one of my favorites to make. i pretty much bake every day., Then this morning, my son suprised me by making brunch for us all. he is a good cook, course he learned everything he knows from me LOL hehehehe, just kidding. i sure do love to cook though. later i am going to put some of my favorite recipies on here. if anyone has a request for anything leave me a message. i have been cooking since i was 7 and thats a long time hehehehehehe
its still raining here, i know we should be use to it living in the great pacific northwest, but i have to tell you,. I HATE RAIN!!!!!! probably should move someplace sunny, but family is here so here we stay.

last night daughter went to the slipknot concert(eeeeeeek) but she had a good time, went to it with her boyfriend jeremy, who is a firefighter. i felt pretty secure with her being with him. she had a blast though so i am happy about that.am also going to try and get some pictures in here and my good friend anne(cajunwhacko) has been helping me, and for that i thank you anne very very much. well i hope ya all have a great day. am off to work on my special raok i am making, is almost done hehehehe, then shall be sending it on its way, when the person i am amking it for gets it then i will tell ya all what it is, cause don't want to spoil the suprise LOL hugs to you all vicki