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Monday, April 18, 2005
i need to gripe
hi, this is a major gripe fest. last night i almost went crazy with worry, my dd who is 21 but lives here at home with her dad and brother and myself, decided she wanted to go out. which is fine, i have no problem with that.but last night she didn't come home, for the longest time. i had talked to her and she said she was headed home about 10:30, well i waited and no daughter, 11:00 came, no daughter, 11:30, i call her, no answer, now i am beginning to worry, 12:00 same thing, been calling her every 5 minutes. i had to get my hubby up, told him she hadn't come home, so now we are both worried.12:30 rolls around, still no daughter, and again can't reach her by phone,(what the hell did i buy the cell phones for?) i am now frantic cause it is 2 hours after she told me she would be leaving to come home, am thinking all kinds of horrible things, particulary since she isn't in what i would call a good neighborhood., i am now telling hubby, something is seriously wrong,she has never done this, ever. i have the addy, cause the boy called here and me being mrs. brainace thought hey maybe its in the book(which it was), so tell hubby, going to try one more time, if i don't get her, you go look for her, because the police will do nothing for 24 hours. i call her, AND GET HER> oh thank god for this, i am about having a nervous breakdown.i ask her where she is, says at chris's, tell her she needs to come home(am trying to be calm here) she says in a few, hubby takes the phone, says you get home NOW. she is like O.K? i am now on my knees thanking god she is safe. when she got home she tells us she was playing guitar, and lost track of time, said her phone didn't work bla bla bla.OMG i can't take this. hubby took her car keys away and told her to sit, we need to talk. she was all defiant, but i had to make her understand that she can't do this. finally after 3 hours and is now after 4:30 a.m,hubby needs to get up in half hour. we finally talk and make her understand (PLEASE GOD) , .so today i am grumpy, grouchy and sleep deprived, why does this happen? what am i doing wrong,. thanks for listening(reading) i just needed to vent. i am so stressed my hands are shaking. i hope she can learn from this. i hope so very badly, otherwise i don't know how we are going to be able to continue to have her live here. thanks friends for listening.


Blogger Heather said...

Vicki- Hun I am soooo sorry you had to worry like this! I know how scary it is.... too scary! I am so glad she is okay! I am glad to hear that if "you are living under my roof, you will follow my rules" from you and sweet hubby!

Hugs my sweets!

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