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Friday, April 22, 2005
its friday !!!!!
today is friday and i am so glad. i have been busy working on another roak for a different person who i think needs a pick me up, last night i finished the main part and then today or tonight i will border it. is pretty blue and varigated rose color.she will like it i hope and when i get it sent will post both of the pictures of these 2 raoks.
tomorrow i have to work, its meet the teacher day at joann fabrics where i am suppose to be teaching crochet. so far have only had 1 class, and that was 3 people. i am beginning to get discouraged. by boss says give it time, but i need some money now!!! son is starting grad school in july and says he is going to need another "loan", which is what it will be, i am always glad to help my kids when they need it, but they have to pay me back cause we don't have any "extra" money. with my back bad now, can't really hold a steady job, and that is making it difficult. but we will be fine. we have each other and thats what counts.
also today i am going to be going over to mil's house. when i took her to the doctor on wendsday, he said she can't be left alone, so i need to go and visit with her while fil goes and does a few chores, like grocery shopping and bill paying,LOL maybe can post later, for now, have a wonderful weekend hugs