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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
what a day
hi , today was so tiring for me, i will be so glad when my wonderful mil comes home and its going to be very soon. she is not getting the care she needs at that rehab center and we are going to take her out either tomorrow or wendsday, need to get the wheelchair for her first. tonight they almost let her fall when they took her to the bathroom. is a sad thing when you send someone you love to a place to recover and they get worse instead of better. which is what is happening with mil. i have been working on a really pretty doily in my own design. i am thinking about writing some of these patterns up and submit them for publication. i think some of them are winners. also am making some more little animals to give to the police and fire departments. these ones went over well and they asked if i could make a few more. ummm i was wondering officer, how much is a "little more"? LOL, they told me that the children just love them, and it warms my heart to know that i could bring comfort to someone who was in need. the bad thing is when i work on these animals i get NOTHING else done. not housework, not laundry, not cooking , or even crocheting my other projects. i just keep getting ideas and then have to make the animals. i am so nuts about making these little buggers. any ideas of any other animals, so far have made several teddy bears, a duck, 2 elephants, a frog, and right now am making another teddy bear, she is PINK, hubby says how do you make a pink teddy bear. told him teddy bears have no color barriers LOL,well anyways am off to work on this bear as i want to finish him either tonight or early tomorrow. so to all my friends i say good night and hugs. talk with you all tomorrow. at least today it was sunshining, is suppose to get up to about 80 this week., i can only say, ITS ABOUT DARN TIME!!!!!!! been waiting for sun and warm temps. we have had such a horrible spring, maybe we are going to have a hot summer, which s fine by me LOL anyways again goodnight to you all and HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


Blogger Deneen said...

Sorry about your MIL, it's hard to sit and watch that happen.

As for not getting anything done, join the club! I swear if I didn't crochet, my house would be in House Beautiful-but, I crochet, so it's not to be.

Blogger vicki said...

LOL sound s like me too. tonight she was a little better , but we still are bringing her home, she was a mess and you know what kind i mean. i made the nurse clean her up and then reported her. she is suppose to help mama clean herself and it was nasty. ickkkkk. so maybe tomorrow we can do it . take care.:)

Blogger vicki said...

today, i was gone alllll day, and now am to tired to do much of anything except crochet. i made some little animals last night and another one to day, but mama claimed the little soldierboy teddy bear and the little pink one last night. i took it to her to see, and she tucked it under her covers and when i asked where it was, she laughed and said i don't know.i don't have it. i said is it under the covers, she looks under there and says NOPE, little stinker, i laughed and said oh alright mama, take them all she says oh thank you, pops them out from under the covers. sneaky little stinker. LOL have a great day hugs to ya all

Blogger Terri-LadySorce said...

aaawwwwwww. That was sweet.
I sure have missed chatting with you Vicki. I can see that you have been really busy, and you will be busy =)
When you have time, email me or what-ever you can.
Keep making those teddy bears for the kids.

Blogger Rosesandtea said...

Hi Vicki I'm back from a little vacation we had.

I hope you can get your MIL home and cared for better.


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