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Monday, November 28, 2005
how ya all doing
hi have not blogged in a while as i have been so busy with thanksgiving and then the days after my hubby and kids were home(well dd wasn't she had to work on black friday:-( !!!) her store did quite well too, when she left at about 3 pm, they had made over 60,000.00 for friday alone. needless to say the manager was very happy!!!!
i have recieved so many wonderful things from my friends on crochetville. last week i got a wonderful suprise from my friend donna(buggsaboosmommy) she sent me some yummmmy german chocolate, also 2 candy bars one from the army and one from the air force(am thinking this was a fund raiser LOL)also she sent me the BHG crochet magazine. which i thank her very much for. also some yummmy dr. pepper lip balm, my favorite drink(as she knows so well) and now i can taste it all the time lol, i also recieved several other things from her all goodies LOL, then i also recieved from my swap partners some awesome ornaments. when i get a chance am going to snag dd and have her take a pic of all of my goodies i have. have recieved ornaments from my friends fran, she made a beautiful garland for me to hang on my tree, and the cutest little sheep ornament. from jackie in the phillipians i recieved a beautiful clothes pin angel and some awesome beaded covered marbles. from sondra(123 mama) i recieved a beautiful crocheted snow flake also a little arm and hand victorian style with glove on it, will starch it and hang it on my tree. also a beatuiful glass ball on which she had crocheted around it and then hung beads on it, is very very pretty then from cheryl(diamond) i recieved 4 beautiful ornaments. she made me a very cute log basket with cinnamon sticks in it(smells heavenly), also she made the cutest little ball of yarn with a crocheted piece she had made along with a crochet hook, also she made me a beautiful hand painted ball and last but not least she made a crocheted christmas light, the actual bulb shape, but out of yarn. she also sent me some goodies also, i got some yummmmmmmy adiago tea that is just out of this world, also i recieved a crochet magazine which i thank you so much for sweetie, also recieved some candles and a yummmy lip balm chap stick. i am so blessed to have these wonderful people as my friends. i hope they like the things i have made for them. i had so much fun doing it. i also hope to be able to grant some wishes for the christmas wish list and have to put the finishing touch on my partners gift box. i hope she likes what i have bought her and made her. am hoping to get it out tomorrow as we are suppose to have up to 4 inches of snow on tuesday, which is so bad as i have to go out wendsday and pay the bills is payday woooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo, and would like to finish getting a few things for christmas, i bought some material to make another quilt but am not sure who i am going to give it to, might even keep it myself, LOL, which while would be nice i am sure i can talk myself out of doing that lol maybe, thats a big maybe LOL. i have been making some beautiful chenille crocheted scarves. they are turning out so beautiful. am going to be giving them for christmas presents. all of the kids (nieces and nephews) all get a scarf. is a tradition in our family. one time i did not make them and ended up just having to do it after christmas, they were raised in NH and is darn cold there. i want to make my niece kate a scarf in her college colors. she is a freshman at eastern washington state university. well my friends i hope ya all had a wonderful thanksgiving. how many of ya went shopping on the day after thanksgiving? i am so curious as to know who is the brave and who is the chicken like me. i will take my less crowded days ahead of those frantic days any day the week. i need to make a list as to what i have and what i will need. i still do not know what to get hubby for christmas, i bought him this awesome laser saw for his birthday, is a skill saw with a laser to help him cut straight(something he does not do well LOL)he really trys but somehow it ends up going south. maybe cause he needs glasses hehe, he went to the eye doc last week and yup he needs glasses ROTFL i could have told him that lol lol. well until tomorrow my wonderful friends. i wish you all happy holidays( i know not everyone celebrates christmas and i have friends who don't so i always say happy holidays . just a friendly thing to do on my part. well i hope ya all take care and keep safe this holiday season. if ya all want you could tell me a little about what you do to celebrate any of the holidays this season or even the winter solstace. anything to help me get to know ya better would be awesome. well till tomorrow my wonderful friends. HUGGGGGGGGS