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Saturday, November 19, 2005
i recieved a "gift" today

this morning as i was going to feed my furbabies their dry food(hubby always feeds them a can of food in the morning) well when i opened the door to the recroom where they sleep, have a kitty door for them, i found my little "suprise" my cat baby who is one of the best mousers i have ever seen had killed a little deer mouse or a small rat, hubby says it was a deer mouse, and left it in the rec room for me to find it. needless today i about jumped out of my skin. ws not a pretty site believe me, but i was so proud of them. they are all good kitties and did not do anything but bring it as a present. which i am grateful for.
today i recieved my ornaments from jackie in the philliapians. girl you rock i love them so much. even hubby who is a dyed in the wool hardliner when it comes to ornaments thought they were beautiful. i think i am seriously confusing the mailman though LOL LOL well till tomorrow my friends i hope they don't bring home anything else. enough to make me want to throw the shovel at it instead of picking it up with it. stayed tuned, hugggggs


Blogger Hilary said...

Are we talking about Itsy here? Maybe she's just getting a start on her Christmas shopping, lol. :-P

Blogger vicki said...

no was baby the eldest cat. she turned 10 in august and has always been a excellent mouser and ratter for want of a better word LOL if thats what she is thinking for christmas i am not interested thank you. i will give her a much better present hehehe, mice indeed ickkkkk lol

Blogger jaclim said...

I'm so glad you and hubby loved the ornaments I've sent! hugs

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