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Friday, December 02, 2005
what a week
today i about cried when i went outside and saw the snow had knocked over my 16 year camelia bush. our son gave it to us for our 10th anniversay when he was 8, he saved up his money to buy it for us, and it broke one of the main roots off, but we are hoping we can save it at least in part.

this week i got so many wonderful gifts, i receieved so many of my ornaments from the ornament swap on crochetville.org, i recieved from fran , jackie in the phillipians, cheryl(diamond),123 mama, sondra, and robert lowrancer, and then today i received a HUGE puffie full of goodies. from fiona, she made me the cutest snowman stocking and she of course stuffed it full of chocolate, she also sent me a snowman salt and pepper shaker set. some patterns, a cool recipie book, and a wonderful kit for a afghan she also sent me a cute little christmas card, cheryl also sent me some wonderful goodies from florida . will tell more tomorrow or next time i blog, i sent out so many packages the post man knows me by heart . hehe, and next week will send the rest of them out when i get them finished this weekend. i love giving to people especially people who appreciate what i make them. i hope ya all are having a good holiday season in whatever holiday you celebrate and will blog more tomorrow. right now am pooped but got to get busy crocheting. hehehe gifts to make and places to send them till later then hugggggggggs