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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
ack what a hard hard day i had
today was one of those days, you just pray gets over as fast as possible, ever had one of those? i did today. started when i woke up late, then i went out and took shadow for a walk, well then after wards i tied his leash to the hose (we have been doing it now for 4 days and it worked just fine) well today while i was cleaning house, i looked outside and i about had a heart attack, i could see shadow was not on his chair, and the hose was no where to be seen. so i raced out there to see where he was, and i saw he had slipped out of his harness, and was running free, i was like oh crud, and called and called him, shadow was no way going to come to me, he was enjoying his freedom. one might ask, why do we have the cat on a harness and leash, well its like this. shadow is new to our house and the other 3 kittys are being so mean to him, they either shun him or they hiss at him, and he is such a gentle soul, when they hiss at him, he crys
he hates they don't like him. finally i coaxed him out of the bamboo with a can of food, and as soon as he came forward to eat, i snagged him and put him back on the leash, any suggestions peeps on how to get the others to accept him, he is a nuetered male and is about 2 years . and the 3 others are baby age 11 years, coast, age 4 years old siamese, and of course itsy, the young one. who is full of herself, but is also a sweet heart
they all are in their own way i guess lol.
anyways that was part of it, then i hurt my back trying to get the garden weeded.and can hardy move at all tonight. the weather is getting warmer and i wish i had ac, and then lets see what else can i complain about in my vent hehehehe. just kidding, but i did have one of "those" days lol. god bless all.

i also finished a shawl i am sending to a young lady named katie who currently is batteling cancer and i told her aunt i would do my best to help her, and so i made her a shawl so she can wrap herself in it with hugs from me each time she does.

i also was able to chat with some friends online tonight, enjoyed chatting with fran and also priscilla. donna went awol on me. lol, just kidding, she was talking with her hubby who is stationed somewhere in the middle east. is nice she can talk with him now
i posted a few things on the forum tonight and i am at this moment uploading some pics

it is suppose to be in the mid 90;s and of course i can't find a ac anywhere. oh well can always use my car lol,

well i am tired and headed to bed. hope ya all are having a good week, i will chat with ya all a bit later. god bless and keep you all. here is my shadow. isn't he a cutie isn't he. love ya all night now
well guess it is not going to let me post shadows picture tonight so maybe tomorrow i can show ya my little fur baby, god bless you all


Blogger Kari said...

No suggestions, we're going through the same thing ourselves with a new kitty and Hambut.
But it is good Shadow came when you called.

Blogger vicki said...

no kidding i was so freaking out, thinking how i was going to explain to my hubby why his baby was not there. that cat means more to him than i do sometimes i think lol. just kidding but really not totally lol. today he had a good day, sat on the lawn swing all day with me
lol hope yours works out for you kari

Blogger Hilary said...

Just be sure that he has a place he can go where he can feel safe, and make sure you pay equal attention to all four kitties. They'll come around. Also, it's sometimes a good idea for each furbaby to have their own food bowl,at least initially, because then they don't feel like they have to get territorial, at least not about that. HTH!

Blogger Sahmlock said...

Hey Vicki...
I got bamboo in my yard too!!!!! I have been dying to try to make a hook from it.....meanwhile the hubby makes fishing poles.

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