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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
ack what a month already now
i am about at wits end, today while driving down meridian in puyallup- hubby says there is something wrong with the brakes in his car, the same one that just last week i spent big money on, as soon as we were able to get it back home i called the dealersm where we have all of our cars and truck fixed, and the manager said bring it in as soon as possible so we did, then we were still going to head up north today, a, we were headed for seattle center. did we get there ??? nope lol, dd got a call from her boss wanting her to come in so she said yes she would do that., so instead we went to point defiance which is a beautiful park, i will have to find som e pics of it and show ya, so now we await the news wether its small and easily fixed or if its going to cost me a arm and a leg. the funny thing was, son and hubby were going to head for las vegas this morning, but son also was called to work, i believe that things happen for a reason and we were not suppose to go to seattle today and the guys were not suppose to go to las vega otherwise the car would not havehad the brakes it did, so for this i am thankful, everythng for a reason and a time for everything. so i am thankful that we did not leave earlier and hit the freeway, otherwise would have been there and gotten stuck and even with towing, i can guarentee that no tow company is going to come 35 miles away from our home and would have cost us a bundle. thans for letting me vent, now am off to bed in hopes that tomorrow is a better day god bless and keep you all and hugggggggs from his ppk


Blogger jacquiwheadon said...

Hey girl glad your ok hope it doesn't cost tooo much. Take care luvya!

Blogger Priscilla said...

Seattle and Vagas will still be there when the cars are ready to travel.

Blogger vicki said...

i know thanks sweeties, they replaced the pads and the rotors, hubby says feels the same to him :( so don't know what is going on huggggs

Blogger Kari said...

wow sorry you are having such a bad month. Hope things start looking up for you.

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