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Saturday, August 05, 2006
In honor and memory of Michael R Horrocks

i want to let you know some my dear friends, this man was one of the souls who lost his life on 9-11, he was aboard united flight 38, the plane that the brave men and women american heros wrestled control from the terrorists and saved the lives of many people even while losing their own.

mr. Horrocks was 1st officer aboard this flight, he was 38 years young. he left behind a wife and child(ren). i do not know this family nor did i know Mr. Horrocks. my goal here is to honor a brave man who despite knowing he was going to die, helped wrestle control of United flight 38 away from the cowards who highjacked this plane.

i have said and will say a prayer for these brave souls and mostly for the loved ones they left behind.

i also wish to thank the family of Mr Horrocks for allowing me the honor of telling you about him and also for helping me to put a face to one of the victims of one of the darkest days in american history,
we must not forget these brave heros, for they gave the ultimate sacrifice. to Mrs. Horrocks and your child(ren), i will also include a special prayer for you and your family. and will light a candle every day when i go to church for mass. and even the days i don't go to church, will light a candle for them here at home. your family

has gone through one of the worst things a family has to go through. for you isend good thoughts and prayers your way, and a hug too just to show you i care. my friends and i have talked about doing a quilt to honor the victims, and while some are not able to do that right now. i am going to make a quilt square with Mr. Horrocks name and his age on a square myself, then when this quilt is put together i can include it., this is something we have talked about and is a way to honor our heros. to the family, god bless and keep you. your in my thoughts and prayers and i will never forget the sacrifice your family has gone through to help keep this great country free. we will never bow down to cowards like the losers who cowardly took control of those fateful airliners that day thinking they could make a difference in their cowardly way of thinking. only difference they made was it made our country stornger and we pulled together for the victims and their familys. god bless and keep you, your loved one is forever remembered and never forgotten. hang in and try and remember. he helped save thousands of lives while living the ultimate sacrifice and giving his life along with all of the others who perished that horrible day. god bless and huggggggs and prayers for all of you

thank you for allowing me to tell the world about your hero, he is also my hero now too, because now i have a face and a name to know and when i pray for his family that they may have some peace. 2001 seems so long ago in some respects. but not in this respect. only time will help heal your sorrow, some days will be good others bad,but your hero will always be mine too. thank you for letting me say this.


Blogger Kari said...

very touching, thank you for sharing.

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