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Thursday, October 05, 2006
thank you everyone
hey ya all, sorry been so dang long since i posted. been a long week, as you know i turned 50 on the 1st of oct, and while i have not posted recently i do think of you all often.

first off i want to thank my dear lil sister trish who so awesomely made my blog loo oh so pretty. without trish my blog would be so boring and basic. it now has style, and looks awesome so hugs trish

i have had a pretty good week so far,not doing alot as my bac is giving me a bit of trouble. so have been pretty much resting all week... back pain sucks

got myself some more yarn this week though, walmmart still had some of their nobo yarn for 1.00 so i sucked it up and bought another 20.00 worth, `lol

so i will soon be listing a bunch of my yarns for sale, not just the nobo either. i have wayyyy to much yarn shame on me hehe

yesterday i had a really bad scare. hubby called me from work and told me he was alright and i asked him what he was talking about. well it seems that there was a planned shooting at the high school next to wear he works some kid called in on tuesday night saying that he was going to bring a gun to school and shoot a bunch of people, then yesterday morning he once again called and they were able to arrest him sad that he felt he had to threaten people.

well am off now to lay down. sometimes that helps more than anything. again thank you all of you for the b-day wishes. god bless and keep you always in his care. ttyl bye now :)


Blogger Kari said...

Hope your back feels better, pain sucks and it wears a person down. Try to relax and de-stress as much as possible.

Blogger vicki said...

thanks kari, i felt better after i layed down for a while. its kind of depressing though to think i have to live like this for the rest of my life :( but at least i can walk and am alive. so no boohooing from me !!! have a great weekend hugs

Blogger CrochetManiacs said...

Yes, I agree whole heartedly with Kari. Stress will just make it worse. And Trish did an awesome job on your blog.........I likey a bunch...........OLD WOMAN LOL.
You know I love ya,
bunches of huggs

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