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Monday, December 05, 2005
its beginning to look a lot like christmas hehe

wow today i was so blessed to recieve so many goodies, from my friend kathy(kahud48) she sent me a adorable bell, also a beautiful crocheted cross, that she made and i have to tell ya all, she just started thread crochet. this woman is a fast learner lol. she also sent me a beautiful knitted wash cloth, was the first one she had ever made and since i was the one who encourged her to learn to knit, she sent it to me, i feel blessed, i also recieved my package from kimberly, she sent me ornaments she had made all the way from belgium, she sent me a beautiful crocheted snow flake, also a crocheted christmas light . they truly are adorable, and if that was not enough, she also sent me a post card of where she is ( she knows i collect postcards and so does dd. she also sent me a beautiful belgium lace ornament and some awesomely yummmy belgium chocolate. was so yummy
already eaten and enjoyed. and i was a piggy and did not even share lol, then i recieved another package from someone i have not met yet. she is a member of the crochetville and she is spreading holiday cheer my way, she sent me a beautiful scarf she had had made and also some adorable either wash cloths or potholders, and a lovely christmas card and a picture of her home town, i think i have a new friend LOL i am not sure, i sent her a message asking, mostly cause i am so dense lol. i also have a package i have to pick up at the post office tomorrow all the way from argentina, i can not wait to get it. and see what is in it hehehe, i also am sending a few elf droppings out myself so watch you mailboxes my friends. should see some stuff this week or next. i have one thing i am almost done with and then can send thay too. i so love the ville' is so many kind caring wonderful people there, i am really glad i joined it. tonight i got a e-mail from a dear friend. she had awesome news, a new baby was on the way i shall have to get my hooks and some baby yarn and make her some stuff hehe, well i also need to get my christmas cards written and sent out so am going to them done this week too. omgosh i have so much to do and so little time, anyone got a extra pair of hands they are not using right now? well till tomorrow my dear friends. hugggs to you all