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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
more prayers needed and good thoughts too
i found out today that my nephew who i told you had stomach cancer and they caught it before it could spread, found out that the lab and the doctor lied to him, his cancer is spread to his intestines. i am so worried about him. i have been doing some research and it does not look good for him at all.. i can only pray that they will be able to remove or kill the tumors which have spread. when i asked him how they did not know this when he had the biopsy, he said they somehow lost his records and that while they told him the results were negative, they were in fact positive. how can a stupid doctors office screw something up sooo bad, they also over radiated him when he was having radiation and now he has heart damage. please pray or send good thoughts or meditate or whatever you all do to send good wishes to michael. i pray he is healed and that he will have relief soon from his pain. god bless and thank you for listening to me. i am so stressed right now don't know if i am coming or going with the amount of bad things in our family, but we we also will not give up. when the going gets bad the strong know how to fight and we are stronger than we look. thanks for listening and reading this. i am hoping to soon have good news to report. god bless and take care. hugggggs