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Monday, January 09, 2006
thank god it is monday

i am so glad it is the 1st of the week, means that i can take the whole week to work on my projects . this last weekend we were not home hardly at all and i did not get much crocheting done at all. today i got my yarn from spincityarns. deborah is a good seller and very good about shipping and reasonable prices.this is what i got [ a rayon chili colored luminesce yarn, it sparkles so much, the other thing i got wasa eggplant colored yarn made of rayon colored luminesce, and also a black acrylic mohair. ]is just beautiful yarn, when i get my digital camera i will take some pics(don't hold your breath, going to take me a while to get use to it,. should be getting it this week if it was sent when it was said to be,) but mostly will take me a while to get use to it. well i am tired and hungry, i also want to work on my new shawl using the eggplant rayon yarn. will be awesome, i just wanted to tell ya all hello, and oh to tell ya, if your a football fan, the seattle seahawks are going to go to the superbowl LOL yeaaaaaaaaaa go hawks, not that i am that much of a football fan, but hubby is pretty pumped up about it so i will root for them too LOL well until tomorrow my dear friends i will talk to you then hugggs and peace to you all