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Sunday, January 01, 2006
new years resolutions?

hey ya all, me again, i know pest that i am, but ya know i am always looking to chat with ya all and learn new things. tonight i am curious as to whether you make a new years resolution or not. i use to, but i found i felt worse after i broke it, like i was a failure or something, so now i choose to not do it. last night we had our party and it went well for all, but oh gosh am i pooped out LOL, today sat and crocheted most of the day. although i played with the kitties alot too, was very windy and rainy today well the rain was off and on but the wind was something else. and the fur babies were all tweaked out, so tried to pay extra attention to them. little itsy decided she had had enough though and decided to chomp me , which i did not appreciate, as her little fangs have gotten much sharper LOL, well i am about ready to head to bed, so am going to say bye for now. hugggs to you all and hope you have a great day tomorrow and a wonderful new year. is the time to start anew and make it work for you. hugggs to you all


Blogger **Heather** said...

Happy New Years Vicki!

I did make the resolution exactly, but I quit smoking. If I call it a resolution... lol Ill CRAP OUT!!

Wish me LUCK!

Blogger vicki said...

of course kristy i wish you lots of luck, may your time be easy and the wonderful reactions many. hehe, hang in there one day at a time sweetie. hope your new years is awesome too. chat with ya soon hon

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