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Monday, December 19, 2005
what a day LOL

ya remember my post from yesterday about baking? it did not happen, by the time i got home from the dentist and paying my car insurance(i hate that more than anything i think lol) i was so tired i did not feel like doing anything. so when i got home, i did have a great suprise in my mail box. actually had 2 great suprises. the first was from jessi and she sent me a awesome crochet book one i have been coventing, and now am blessed to have because she is such a nice person. she also sent me a beautiful crocheted snow flake which is hanging on my tree now, and if that was not enough, she sent me some beautiful hand made stitch markers. i love them, they are so beautiful. again my wonderful friend thank you, you made my hectic day alot brighter.

and to my other wonderful friend from down under. miss jacqui, girl you made my day too. not only did jacqui send me lots of things she knew i would enjoy, like pictures and teas, but she also send christmas cards from down there, jacqui also send me some awesome yummy special treats., she sent me something called timtams, which are like a chocolate truffle cookie,. very very good, she sent me some in 2 different flavors and omg girl i love them, they are all most half gone so you know i loved them. she also send me some yummy cookie like treat called cherry ripe, is chocolate covered cherry flavored cocoanut. omg i am just love with it all. it is fantastic, jacqui also send me some pictures of the area around there and i enjoyed seeing those too, will do the same for you sweetie when i send your package. take care all of you, now am off to dream land as i got up very early this morning. tomorrow will be the same way, i have to wrap/bake/clean/finish my cards, send more elf packages for people who were left out by the jerks who backed out. i am more than happy to help too, i just hope it gets to them before christmas, will ask at the post office. take care my friends, huggggs to you all,


Blogger ladylinoleum said...

Goodies in the mail are the bestest!

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