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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
warning rant ahead
today i sent out 5 package, they were not heavy, just some little things i made for a few of my friends, and a couple of items i bought, it cost me 27.00 in postage. i could not believe it, true i went priority, but that was only because the difference was pennies and i wanted them all to have them for the holiday season. i also got my car tabs today. this state sucks, we the people had voted to have 30.00 car tabs, that was suppose to be it, well then since the state started losing money(which should have been going into the road fund, and if it had would not have been so upset about it)and they decided it did not matter what we the people voted on. we signed initatives, left and right, we voted to remove te fees that were placed on us after the initial 30.00 tabs, well today got my dd's and it is not over 100.00, because now they have decided to not only increase the gas tax(the government pushed that on us too) but to start charging by the weight of your cars. while some will say thats fair as a smaller car will not damage the roads as a heavier car will, i still think it is unfair that we are being forced to pay and pay and pay, just because the government of the state of washington is so stupid that they did not listen to us the voters. if the money went where it was suppose to, in all the time they have been collecting these fees, we would not have a traffic problem, we would not have crowded roads and highways. this is the end of the rant, it is over,thanks for letting me lol hugggs