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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
i need 5 more hands
at least 5. i swear i have so much to do and so little time to do it all. i went and did a little shopping today. been getting toys for my niece and nephew. their mom and dad are having money problems and the kids are not going to be getting a christmas that most 2 or 4 year olds expect. so i have been busy buying little toys for them. i think that this year instead of toys for tots
i will help my sister out. i don't have much myself, but i think it is important for the little ones.

i sent some pretty things out today but am not saying what
cause the people getting them reads my blog so there lol as i stick my tounge out at you.

i have been busy working on the shawl i am making for a lady i know. she wants it for her mama, and will love it i hope. she has bought other things from me and always likes what she gotten so far at least.
well am off to work on it, what i would like to do is go to bed as i am beat, but as long qas dd is out no point as i would only worry more. so will chat with ya all tomorrow, oh and if any of this does not make sense is not my fault i am sleeping as i write this hehehehehehehehe lol next week i start my baking. am hoping that i can do it this year. i am sad to say that i am not sure i will even be able to do any of it.my back and legs have gotten so bad again. is heart breaking to me, but i will push on, and not give up. well my friends i bid you good night and send huggggs