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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
i have a question for any of you who has this on their blog, does it really make you money? how does it work? if i could get some money for them putting their ads on my blog i would be thrilled as i am so broke is not even funny this year, have so many bills and so little money, at least last year i had a little bit of money and now i don't, things have been so expensive and i can not hardly afford to pay the taxes anymore. so if you guys have this and it works. i need to figure out something thats for sure. cost of living going up, my income shrinking as we speak as so many of yours are also, i hope that 2006 is a better year. so far 2005 has been a bad one for our families. i hope ya all have a good day today and thanks for letting me vent. i need to talk and i hate to bore any of you, but i figure here if ya are bored then ya won't keep reading am i right ?LOL thanks for always being here for me. hugggs


Blogger Kari said...

I have it on several of my sites and have yet to make enough to even get paid lol. I would (if I were you) go ahead and sign up for an amazon.com associates account, you can put crochet book ads up and such and people are more apt to buy from amazon than click on a google ad anymore.

Blogger vicki said...

thanks kari i will do that then, by putting crochet books up on amazon, do you mean ones i am wanting to sell? that would be awesome as i have a ton of them i want to sell and e-bay is so pricey. thanks again. hugggs

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