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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
happy tuesday LOL

good morning to you all or should i say good afternoon as i just saw it was. well thought i would pop in for a few and wish you all to have a great day. i am going to make beef stew for dinner so need to get that started very soon, but wanted to tell you how much you all mean to me, i appreciate you all as i know if i ever need a ear i have several i can bug, i hope you all have a awesome new years . what ya all going to be doing? we are having a new years eve party(what am i crazy) but we always have a fun time and it keeps the kids off of the road, will be fun i know just the thought of doing it is giving me shivers LOL, but i have been doing this for many years as i know that we have a good time and the kids look forward to it.
things have been difficult this past year but while we have had some bad times, there are others who have had such worse times, i am thankful for the things i have. well enough about me how about you. what are your plans for this next year , any great plans,any goals you have you would like to share? well am off to cook the stew and home made biscuits. now don't that sound good LOL, actually it does to me right now lol well till later my friends hope your day is going good, hugggs to all of you