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Thursday, December 22, 2005
why oh why did i do it

i did it tonight, got someone to help me bake. we made christmas cut out cookies(sugar cookies) but now am paying for it so bad. my back feels like it is on fire and nothing is helping. i should have just bought the stupid things at the bakery and said thats good enough, but oh no not me, i have to be stupid and do everything the same day. thats part of it too, today i wrapped for over 1 hour with my poor back then killing me. am i crazy, patsa, (italian for crazy) looney tunes here. i should know better. now i will have to suffer till the meds kick in if they will. sorry just needed to whine and since this is my blog i feel free to whine away LOL you can too if ya want. we will whine together. alot of people do not understand how hard it is just to be civil to someone when you are inexcrusiating pain, but i have lots of friends here on the ville' who do and i hope that there day is not like mine is right now. my friend in new jersy hope your days are getting better, and that each day will improve, and for all of you who are having a bad day, bad week, heck a bad year i hope that 2006 is better for all concerned. i am going to sit with the heat and maybe try and crochet a bit, i played elfie again today and can not wait to see how the person who is getting the goodies responds. made my day just doing that. o.k i know i am rambling. but 2 things is late very late and i hurt which equals whining in my book. LOL hope tomorrow is a better day for all concerned. merry christmas to my friends who do celebrate it. god bless you all