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Thursday, December 22, 2005
almost ready i think

LOL, just kidding ya all. today was most interesting, i while taking a inventory of my gifts that have been bought for my family discovered one little thing. I BOUGHT TO DAMN MUCH!!!! as usual, then today i had this bright idea, get on the phone call my mil and say hey ma, remember all those christmas bags ya got hanging around your house? how about letting me use some of them. especially since over half of what i have left to wrap is hers to the kids. she really is not able to wrap anymore and i just do it because it is easier than watching her struggle to do it. but i was a bit dismayed when i talked to her. she told me i could "borrow" a few bags but could not have them all, well of course i did not want them "ALL". but i did want enough to finish the wrapping or at least severely deminish the amount of them. but she refuses to believe me that i will give them back, what does she want my name signed in blood LOL i thought about it after i talked to her and said screw it, is not worth the hassle, then tonight she calls me says fil found them and she has a few put aside for me. i am like oh thats all right mom you don't have to, i know you don't trust me enough to give them back(i mean we are talking paper bags here folks) so i guess she got all offended and said she was just trying to help and that i did not need to be rude. i was like WTF i was not rude at all. but i ignored the whole pity comment from her and now have to go over there in the morning(something i so did not want to do, i still have the rest of the wrapping, grocery shopping, to go to costco, and whatever else my dear family reminds me of) but i guess i hurt her feelings, not really my intention as she is adear person, but i mean geeze, they are paper freaking bags. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, son thinks its funny, i wonder how funny he is going to think it is when i make him help me wrap without those bags. bet then he will not be such a smart ass. LOL, well at least by this time next week it will be all over and then i have to get ready for our new years party, yes i know i am nuts, but is a family tradition. we have friends over(i take the keys of anyone drinking) and they can do 1 of 2 things, if they get tanked, i can drive them home and then they can get their car in the morning or they can just spend the night. they can sleep on the floor in sleeping bags if they have to. LOL, but then as i said have to get ready for the party, got to buy food, get prizes for the games we play each year. i am glad my kids enjoy it enough to continue on with it, i would do it if it was the last thing i ever had done. well am off to dream land since the meds i took are starting to kick in, these are super meds, usually will kick ass the pain away. thank god i have my doctor, without him i would not be. i would end up spending all day in bed or worse. who knows might even be the end of me so am very thankful i have my doctor. and also you my friends. hope ya all have a wonderful christmas and a happy and healthy new year, and if you do not celebrate christmas then happy whatever you do LOL. huggggs to you all tonight. until tomorrow and fresh stress i bid you good night LOLhuggggs