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Friday, January 13, 2006
i talked to my sister today, and she said mom was a little better. mind you she is not going to GET better, but she was feeling a little better. they did dialisis again today, which helped her alot, she has a urinary tract infection so they started her on antibotics today. what the plan now is she will be in the hospital until monday or tuesday, then she will be released to a rehab center, in hopes that she can at least get strong enough to walk a bit so she can go and live with my baby sister. her and her husband both agreed they wanted mom to live with them, which i think is fantastic, i know will be hard and i will of course do all i can to help them(wether it be making things to eat or also maybe even helping with the grocerys) mom did NOT have a stroke, thanks be to god for that. she is however extremely weak, the doc said if she had not come in last night. she would have died last night at home/in pain, with no one to help her as my other sister who is suppose to help her(she lives at moms rent free) decided it would be so much more fun to go party. can you tell i am mad? well i feel a little more at peace knowing that mom is going to at least get the care she needs, if she don't like it there, she will have to suck it up and work hard tp get well enough to walk, my baby sis has a very bad back also and of course could not lift mom, even though she only weighs 78 pounds, this is just horrible to see,. my mom has always been fairly thin, but not this thin. i just needed to update you, any of you who read my blog and pray, please pray that mom does not suffer anymore, and if you don't pray, thats alright too, not everyone does, but would appreciate your good thoughts for her that she not suffer anymore than she has to. thanks for being here for me and listening to me whine. i just needed to get it out. now i want to wish you all a happy weekend and in case you don't know it, the seattle seahawks are going to kick washington redskins butt LOl super bowl bound here we come LOl hugggs to you all, thanks for listening and letting me vent. hope you all have a awesome weekend


Blogger Kari said...

I am sorry your mom is suffering so. I know how hard it is seeing someone you love suffer so. I will pray that your mother finds peace soon and for strentgh for you.

Blogger vicki said...

thank you kari, she fell the other day, at the hospital, makes me so upset, these people are not taking care of her very well, they did not even tell us about it, and moms doctor is mad. she thinks she might have damaged her spinal cord when she fell at home last week and then this she thinks made it worse., thanks for letting me rant. things sure have been rotten around here for the last few months. time for sunshine and blue skies. i thank you for understanding what i feel like, i wish somehow god could just bring her home and her suffering would end. i feel bad when i say that, but i say it because she is suffering so much and i can hardly stand seeing her like this hugggs sweetie thanks for caring

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