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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
lookie what i got today :)

as i got home today from fighting horrible traffic, horrific rain, idiotic drivers who were driving like it was a nice sunny day instead of a day filled with rain and mist so bad that you could not see 10 feet ahead of you, iwas soo glad to be home, when i came in the house after bringing my car into the backyard (which is where i park it LOL) i came in the house, and said any mail to my son, he says just a package, i said oh goodie, cause i am expecting a couple of things from different people, when i looked at it i saw was from my friend fran, who i ordered a little doll for my niece abbie's 3rd birthday. well she not only sent that adorable doll which i am trying to figure out a way to show you, but as usual my brain is not that with it, well it is after 12 so i guess thats why, yea thats it, i turned into a pumpkin after midnight ROTFL LMAO !!!! anyways when i opened up the package what did i find but this lovely poncho that fran knitted for me. i adore it, it is so soft and warm. gosh i can not believe how warm it is and i feel very blessed to have this fine woman as my friend. i also recieved from her a beautiful crochet hook, its a bejewled cat and was made by craft designs for you, there web site is

http://www.craftdesigns4you.com/crochethook/bejewelledhooks1105a.htm, i love it and have been using it all day since i got home from the car ride from hades lol, i also finished another shawl done in a brassy goldish colored chenille. oh my is it wonderful, this is yarn i bought from rodney and boy am i glad i did. here is a picture of it also. see above hehehe.
tonight chatted with fran and donna and some of my other friends on the board. i was saddend to hear about donna friend who has been diagonsed with brain cancer, i am going to try and help her and her family somehow. am thinking maybe a scarf/hat combo, or maybe a hooded scarf might work also. donna said she thought maybe she would like that. i am hearing more and more people being diagnosed with cancer , is just heart breaking, i will of course keep the people i know in my prayers and even those i don't, jesus knows them all and i will ask him to watch over them . fran also sent me the most lovely jasmine tea. oh my what a wonderful cup of tea that was. thank you again my dear friend.

i am working on another shawl, i know i know, i promise soon to make something else, but i just like making shawls and can always be used by people, i love the one trish made me last year and wear it often, now will have to switch off and on with the poncho and the shawl.i was bad today again. went to walmart and they had their brand of specialty yarn for under 3.00 a skein, i got maybe 12 skeins of it hehehe, plus some brown fun fur as i want to make a little stuffed bear i been thinking of, i also am debating wether or not to submit my patterns to crochet world. seems that the deadlines are coming up faster than i can think, so might wait till next year too LOL. well i suppose i should go as it is late and i am tired and have to have some ice cream before i go to bed, you ask why i HAVE to have it, well its like this, each time i lose 5 more pounds(which i did over the last month i treat myself to a yummy ice cream cone, tonight i am having black walnut. yummmmmm, is made by blue bunny and i am not sure if all of you can get that ice cream, but if you have blue bunny available, try it you will adore it soon and become like me, a ice cream addict, along with a yarn addiction hehehe. i know i need yarn like i need a hole in the head. well until tomorrow my wonderful friends. i bid you good night and send huggggggs to you all. god bless you all too :>)


Blogger Raquel said...

Lucky U I checked out those bejeweled Hooks.Yummy Treat!!!! Enjoy

Blogger vicki said...

hehe, they are lovely, i use it all the time now. i am so blessed to have such a kind generous friend who gifted me with this awesome hook. i wish you could have one of those. you would love it. huggs

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