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Friday, November 24, 2006
happy black friday hehehe
alright admit it some of you did it, you braved the crowds the cold and the darkness to arrive at the spot where you can find awesome spectaculater wonderful things at a fraction of the cost. do i sound cynical, i am, i think its a cheap shot that retail does every year to drag people out of there sagging profit margins and make people that they have gotten a bargain, why not just lower the prices a bit and make it fair for everyone.

not everyone can or wants to run around like a harried mom running after a 2 year old who has gone crazy in the mall parking lot.

this year over half of my gifts are going to be handmade and i know that the ones who will be getting them appreciate how hard i work towards their present and how much work it truly is to have me make the gifts, but i am thrilled that dd for one willbe happy as a cat licking cream off of its face when she sees the sweater i am almost done with. she wanted so little this year, she knows how hard it is for me to budget enough to make gifts let alone buy them, i can't wait to see her face when she sees the jolly roger sweater. which i now have the sleeves to make and then to tie all those pesky strings of color off which i adhor. ah well life is nothing but a pulled string sometimes anyways.

tonight as we sat and watched movies with the folks i crocheted as i always do and finished a chemo hat for someone on the forum i belong to. i promised to make this persons brother a chemo hat, its done hon and will ship it out on monday, also finished most of my ornaments those will also go out in mondays mail.

tomorrow am considering addressing my christmas cards but alas am not able to finish the family newsletter i also send out. i need to sit down and think about what i want to write about. this year has been a very hard one for alot of us, not just my family , but many many peoples too, i sit here and think about my friend donna, who's hubby has been gone more this year than he has been home. i pray nightly for his safety and that soon they can be together,. hopefully very soon, i aso think of those who have lost love ones as i have, it hurts so much sometimes it makes me wonder why this happens this way, but i know god has a plan for us all.

kk enough stuff about things that we have no control over, well maybe not all of it cause my next rant is the weather lol, i am SICK of rain, it makes me want to bottle it up and send it to australia or someplace who has a draught.

and now the tempertures are growing colder., my son heard on the news tonight that we may have snow flurries this weekend and perhaps 1 to 2 inches of snow or more starting sunday and continuing next week to be colder and damper yet. poor shadow is going to have to start wearing a sweater if he is going to be out in the weather,. poor baby. tonight he was so precious. the other day when i was at pet smart i found a nice comfy little bed for him to lay on in the garage, tonight i put a small piece of fleece in his bed then layed him down, he started kneeding and purring he was so thrilled wih his new bed, it made my night believe me,

well am off to send my poor battered body into a vertical position and head off into a slumber filled with dreams where the poor turkey is running around with a hatchet screaming off with your head LOL just kidding, i doubt i will dream at all am just to tired. hubby is going out tomorrow to help one of his coworkers celebrate his 21st birthday and i dear friends am going to veggie out in front of the telly and crochet to my little hearts content

ciao dear ones and if ya join in the madness, please rememebr to be safe from cars and other shoppers plese be courtesous of others and above all have fun till we meet again in another post, god bless and enjoy the weekend. :D


Blogger Hilary said...

I braved Black Friday.:D I'm proud to report that I only bought 2 things: a new winter coat and a bathrobe. Would you believe it got up to nearly 70 degrees in St. Louis today? Holy schneikies!

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