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Monday, November 13, 2006
hey ya all
thanks for all of you who have been keeping us washingtonians up here in your thoughts and prayers,. i swear this weather better change soon or we are going to float away :0(, today was not so bad although it did rain and also was windy, but thankfully we had no damage, none whatsoever
today i worked in my craft room, cleaning and reorginizing my yarn supply, while it is getting better it is still way out of the loop hehe. i will be sending the yarn to you margaret as soon as i get a chance to get to the post office. right not am not even close to going yet.

today got another package of yarn, yes i said yarn lol is yarn i had bought last month from spincityarns out of hawaii. she sells on e-bay and i can guarentee she is a great seller. i know a few of you have bought from her and i know you agree.

started another gift for dd this is a belt made like a corset, i don't think i am going to make it quite as large as this one is in the happy hooker book, i also am making in in black thread with a red acrlyic mohair for the outter edge

i need to sit down and really figure out what i am making and giving to everyone for christmas. i know i am almost done with daughters, maybe a couple smaller store bought things, other than that i mostly have hand made for her which she will love i hope.

i know for some of my friends i am making gifts and for a few others will buy something , or maybe give supplies instead. who knows hehe

so what are ya all having for thanksgiving dinner? hubby wants somethinf totally different and i said no we are having the more traditional meal, if he really wants something that odd then will maybe do it for christmas.

i kind of over did it today and tonight am paying the price, my back and hips and legs are hurting so bad, i really over did it, tomorrow i will rest more, although have a bunch of places to go for my dear son, IF i feel better that is hehe.

if you could be anything or anyone you wanted in life what or who would you be? i think i would be a cat, because cats can and do just what they want. they will either be loving and caring or so aloof that you can noteven touch them. lol today shadow was so whiney so i went out to visit him, he jumped into my arms and proceded to kiss me until made him stop. his tounge is soooo rough, but he is soooo loving, i wish things were better for him. instead of the way they are. but at least he has a better life than he had before. but i am still sad for him, if only he and coast would get along. maybe someday.

util tomorrow i ask you be kind to another person and be good to yourself, remember to love your fur babies cause they have the cleanest and most pure love of all, pure love, they only ask for a few things food, clean water and companionship my furbabies are a major part of my life , without them i dont think i would be a happy person like i am, they love without asking for anything hugs to you all and god bless and keep you. hugs and take care


Blogger Priscilla said...

No damage or power outage here, and we are still above water.lol

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