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Thursday, January 04, 2007
some days i wonder
some days i wonder why things happen the way they do. for instance yesterday a 17 year old kid lost his life to another boy who is 18, no on knows why he shot and killed him,all they know is he is dead. and for what? the boy who did the shooting said he couldn't say, he didn't want it in the news
. what was he thinking, related story here if you want to read it


tonight we had a power outage that lasted almost 2 hours, shocked the crud out of me, we didn't even lose power in the massive wind storm we had, but for some reason the power gods were not smiling on us tonight. the utility company though did a great job getting us back up and running, now to find out why it happened and hope it don't happen again. i snuggled down on my loveseat with my beautiful shawl my friend tammie made me. tammie lives in australia and omgosh is she talented. this girl is amazing, you should see her work.next time i chat with her will ask her blog and then link ya. its really something you need to see.

i sure miss not chatting with my friends. for some reason lately either i am on to late or they are on to early or we just miss each other, but i am sending a big shout out to all of you who i miss talking to. you all know who you are too don't ya

while waiting for the lights to come back on i made a pair of hand warmers in a pretty red yarn, now mil wants another pair in black so guess i will get to work on it now when i get off.

the weather outside is cold and we are suppose to havecolder temps. was 26 tonight when i went out to turn the kittys heaters back on, when the power went off i shut them off as i didn't want a power surge from them to trip the breaker, poor itsy was so cold, she didn;t understand why mommy shut her heat off and came and sat on the porch to tell me so too, she was like a block of ice, i scooped her up and hugged her to me to warm her up, she was shivering, course she isn't the brightest brick on the wall, silly girl, she also of course wanted treats, so once i gave them to her she went back in the patio.

well am off as i am tired and need to work on those hand warmers, need to finish the red ones then get to work on the other ones too.

havn't done much on the cathederal rose window afghan, what did i get myself into, this pattern is technical believe me, but someday will finish it, am aiming to do it before the fair comes on, that way can enter it, wonder if they would give me a prize hehehe, anyways am off to crochet my way to wisdom and all hugs to you all


Blogger jacquiwheadon said...

Hi darl yep i missed you again on chat.Hope you are feeling better and warmer today. Hey i started the cathedral window because i saw you started it and have the middle almost done. Have to give the hand a rest today though. I to want to put it in the show and then sell it.I am doing in shades of purple of course LOL!

Blogger vicki said...

oh wow jacqui, dang it sorry i missed you darl, i am doing it in in watercolor red heart with lavender and sage green and ihaev the middle done now too. miss ya darling

Anonymous Anonymous said...

*hugs* I thought of you when I heard that news. Such a sad thing to happen.

Hope all is well with you.

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