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Sunday, December 24, 2006
merry christmas to you all
tonight is christmas eve, the day before the blessed event that over 2 thousand years ago when christ our saviour was born. this day i give thanks to god in the highest and on earth peace on earth good will toward our fellow mankind.

i hope you all have a wonderful christmas, tonight i sat here and thought about all the christmas eves we spent with my parents and grandparents. i remember one year in particular, i was about 12 i guess, we were on our way to grandmas house and while we didn't have a horse and sleigh we should have, as it had snowed well over 2 1/2 feet the previous night, and while we were not scared to be driving in it(hey we were kids what did we know) my grandparents lived on the side of a cliff basicly, the street was a narrow winding 2 lane road that left no room for error, daddy was driving we were all singing christmas songs and all of a sudden our tire slipped. and while i was so sure we were going to plunge over that cliff to our deaths, my dear old daddy was able to get out of it with not even a inch to spare. we got to grandmas house and all we could talk about was the car and the snow and all of a sudden we realized hey its christmas eve, family was there and there was presents. well we had to wait our turns and the little ones got the presents first. my youngest sister was a bout 2 and she had just gotten her new baby doll, then the next to the youngest sister opened hers, she also had gotten a doll but was not a baby was a barbie, now that was what i wanted more than anything in my life and here my little sister had gotten one., but it wasn;t barbie, it was skipper, so next came the next sister,. she opened her present and it was you guessed it another barbie. now i was chomping at the bit cause there was one particular barbie i wanted and it was no where to be found. sort of like the nintendo Wii and the tickle me elmo, well finally it was my turn, i had sat nice and quiet the whole time, only saying ohhh and ahh when they opened their presents. so i opened my present and it was the dream doll, it was the barbie bride doll that no one had around kitsap county washington , anywhere , how do i know this, i over heard my parents talking about how i was going to be so dissapointed. well my grandmother was a crafty woman and had sisters in several states. so she finally had gotten one tracked down down in orange county california where my gr aunts grace and mayme both lived. when i opened that doll up you could here me screaming clear across the street, the neighbor came out and said whats wrong lol grandpa said oh nothing, just a excited grand daughter. now most of you think of 12 as a age where girls don't play with dolls anymore, and while that might be true now, it certainly was not true then,. i played with that barbie till i moved out and she somehow got given to my youngest sister. when it came time to divide the stuff from dads house after he died, i asked where all my barbies were(i had all of them that were the best ones, even had a original midge, my sister told me that when dad had moved the last time, he threw all of the dolls into the dump, i cried buckets over that, not because i wanted to play with them but because of the rarity of some of them would have probably paid for a new car for me. and he threw them away. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, whyyyy why why why i asked. cause he was a guy and i didn't play with dolls anymore
sheeesh, that was the one time i got angry at my dad, because he could have asked before doing it but he didnt and of course when he passed away i could not be angry with him at all. i think that christmas and the time daddy made the furniture for mom(thats what he told us) were the most memoriable,as a child. we were at the age when sting ray bikes were the "in' thing. we wanted one sooooooo bad, 3 of us girls, my brother already had one being the oldest, we wanted one in the most fiercestways. but dad said santa could not bring something that big for all of us., we would have to wait till we could afford it. well all of a sudden 3 big boxes were stacked up against the wall, we asked dad, daddy what is that, he said shhhhhh don't tell your mother but i made her a coffee table and end table, but in order to suprise her, i had to put your girls names on it. boy was we suckers lol, so come christmas eve(we always opened everything christmas eve) when we were all excited cause we knew how much mom wanted new furniture and we could not afford any, so we opened them all together and instead of a coffee table and end tables we saw 3 sting ray bikes. we loved those bikes with all of our young hearts. was wonderful and i stil to this day remember the excitement of that evening. mom was laughing cause she knew how much we wanted them. she did get her furniture for her b-day the next feburary , she was born on valentines day, mom and dad i miss you guys sooooooo much, i miss the grandparents too of course, but parents are special rest in peace mom and dad and daddy stop playing games with the vacumm cleaner like turning it on by itselt withouth being plugged in. i know its dad. when i say stop it dad he does. while some will think i am crazy, i swear it really did happen. freaked me out big time

am off to stuff stockings and maybe get a little shut eye before good old santa claws comes and wakes me up wanting to be fed and such, little itsy is the worst. she is always hungry always . she is a growing bundle of energy who runs circles around the rest of the kitties. merry christmas my friends and god bless


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope your Christmas was a Merry one hun you deserve it!

Blogger Hilary said...

Thanks for that email, sweetie. It really meant alot. :) I hope your Christmas was great, and your New Year's is even better.

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