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Thursday, June 23, 2005
thursdays trials :-(
hi ya all, been a while since i posted. my life seems to be more busy and stressed than ever. last night someone decided to be stupid and broke into my car, they didn't get much, just a little gas, but they decided that they had to mess it up a bit too, so hubby is going to have to see if he can fix it. some people are so stupid. called the sherrifs office, deputy responded, and omg could he talk, was telling me about all the crime going on around here, giving me pointers(which i already knew, but was to polite to tell him otherwise), but he said if i have any more problems let him know. gave me his card and i will call and ask for him if i need to, am waiting for my next door neighbor to get home to make sure nothing was stolen out of his house. there was some stuff between his and my house, deputy took that stuff, i sure didn't want it around, thats for sure. but the hardest thing for me today is my cat "baby"(her real name) for some reason she is scared so bad she is just quivering. i held her and she shook so bad had to put her down. she most defiently was straumatized by these creeps. wonder what they did to her. tonight hubby and i will be ready for them. they will be back as they left their stuff, toooo bad cops have it now LOL.
i have been busy crocheting alot too. making stuff for work and also as gifts and some stuff to sell, also am donating some stuff to childrens hospital in seattle through my good friend tandy. she is going to actually take the stuff to them thanks tandy :) finished another poncho last night. made it out of homespun vanilla color. OMG is it beautiful. to small for me though, but i might make myself another shawl(never can have to many shawls) with the rest of the yarn. also made a little flapper hat to go with it which i will post as soon as i can take some pictures. my darn computer was gone for afew days, had to send it into HP for service, the ac adapter pin broke and couldn't get it to charge(is a laptop) so they sent fed ex for it, then fixed it and sent it back and quite quickley i might add, customer service is something this company does very very well. well am off to do some housework*gasp*, not my favorite at all hehehe, need to finish planting my garden too. might do that this after noon. well till later you all behave and take care. HUGS