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Monday, July 11, 2005
i need a vacation,

well as a result of the incidents on the 1st of july when we had our gas leak, i when i stepped in that hole, not only pulled the muscle, i tore it and also the tendon, doctor said should be alright in a few weeks. a few weeks? dang, what i keep doing to myself LOL, have been busy crocheting up a storm though. am almost done with a purse and belt set i am making my darling daughter for christmas,(she thinks it is for her cousin and is jealous and wants one or so she says hehehehehehe) and another thing i have been doing is making little animals which i will post as soon as said daughter uploads them on the computer for me, you ask, vicki, why can't you do it yourself, well i shall tell you, is said daughters camera and she don't let mama touch it in any way shape or form LOL, but she promises to do it soon for those of you waiting., also have been making a lot of squares for comfortghans and was able to send out 21 to someone for a special little boy who has cancer and does not have long to live(breaks my heart) so as i say prayers for the little boy, i made him some squares too so that he could enjoy his little blanket as something that will give him some comfort. am also making another little sarong as said daughter snagged that one too. am making that in lustersheen, oh i love that stuff, how did i ever get along without it. and lst but not least have been able to grant several wishes in the crochetville christmas in july. to those of you who got what i sent you. so glad you like it, for those whos stuff is coming,(hey i can not help how slow the post office is) i hope ya all like your stuff. well i am off to bed as tomorrow i get to teach the children at our kids camp at joanns where i work as a croceht instructor, hmmm again what did i get myself into LOL. take care and have a wonderful week, stay safe and warm and most importantly to those of you who live in the south east. stay dry as hurricane dennis comes through and belts ya all. hugs to all of ya and hope to hear from ya soon. oh here is a picture of my itsy kitten, her name is itsybitsyspidercat


Blogger Deneen said...

The kitty pic is too precious. You take wonderful pictures Vicki. All your shots of outside are so nice.

Did you write up the sarong pattern? I cannot find one I like anywhere. I wanna see a picture!!!!!!!

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