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Saturday, July 02, 2005
i did it now :(
today when hubby was doing some yard work, heard a hissing noise coming from the natural gas main, he looked at it and came in running saying call 9-11 we got a bad leak, so i called the fire department(oh my gosh those guys are fast) and then went over to warn the neighbors as their house is close to ours(about 16 feet is all apart) and when i stepped off their porch to go back to my yard, i must have stepped wrong as i did something to my leg, it is all swollen and can't put any pressure on it, the paramedics looked at it when their were here for the leak and said i messed it up good as far as they could tell. wanted to take me to hospital, i was like ummmm guys i need to be here to deal with this gas leak and they said alright, but to wrap it and ice it and elevate it which i have been doing, but omg is it sore. maybe tomorrow will be better. hubby is worried as he thinks i might have torn a muscle as it is all bruised, in which case they will pull it back where it needs to be then cast my leg (huh?????) so am hoping it is just a sprain. anyways may not be on for a couple of days as it is hard for me to sit at the computer as my leg needs to be elevated. so i hope ya all have a wonderful 4th of july if ya celebrate it, i know some of you are not american or live elsewhere, like karen, hey girl i will have a hotdog for ya LOL everyone take care and HUGS have a safe and happy celebration of our nations birthday.