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Friday, June 24, 2005
hello from me to you :-)
tonight hubby and i both cooked dinner. he grilled pork chops that had been marinated in rosemary and thyme(lemon thyme at that) and also had some garlic on it. i made steamed fried potatoes, i know i know, what the heck is steamed fried potatos. well ya cut them about in 3/4 in slices, then put in a pan with a lid on medium heat. i seasoned mine tonight with parsley and also chives, no grease or oil, but because it was steaming was not sticking. was very good too. also had home made garlic italian herb bread. i bake a loaf almost everyday as my family loves it so much we also had corn on the cob, mine was alright, i guess it isn't really corn season in washington state. LOL, . then after dinner we went a a friends house. who live in steilacoom, which is the oldest city in washington state. they live on a hill over looking puget sound and the islands there. what a beautiful site it is too. lucky them. our friend steve built the house himself, and i must tell you, he did a wonderful job, wish i had pictures to show you. maybe they will let me take some hehehehehe and their house is wonderful 3 level and just awesome, i so wish mine looked like that, but then on the other hand, they owe a lot on theirs(so they told me) but mine is all paid off which is a much better deal i am thinking. hehehehehehehehe.
tonight after we got home, sat outside for a while and crocheted , got dark, but we had lanterns going to keep the bugs away and could see that way too. so am making some more baby squares. i promised rebeccav some for a comfortghan she is doing, and then decided to just use the whole skein of yarns up and make some blankets for other babies in need, not sure who i am going to give them to, yet, but am leaning towards the pineridge reservation that dr. mom was telling about. poor little ones, gets darn cold back there and if i can help 1 person then i am happy. well am off to bed so for now goodnight. hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and a great weekend. hugs to you all