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Monday, June 27, 2005
mondays mementos
hi, today was not to bad, this weekend hubby and i went over to some friends house, they live right on puget sounds which has a wonderful view, we bbq and enjoyed their and another couples friendship, now hubby is telling me he wants to have a HUGE amount of people over for 4th of july, i am like ummmm ummm ummmm honey? who is going to clean the house and cook all the food, he says "you" i said NOT, so we are now debating how many people to invite over. we have a covered patio so if it does rain(which they are saying it is going to :-( ) then at least i won't have to have everyone in the house. of course when the kids found out we were going to invite people over, they voted(between themselves LOL) that they should also be able to have friends over, how did a little gathering of a few people turn into such a big party i ask you. dd has alot of her friends coming, ds same thing and hubby and i are like heyyyyyyyy wait a minute you guys. so at last count seems like we have about 20 people coming, there goes the steaks i was going to cook and now its a good old american 4th of july with hamburgers and hotdogs, potato salad, watermelon, the whole thing, and we can still use fireworks here in our community so are planning on shooting some of those off too(course kittys will be inside) and we also tell the neighbor ahead of time so they can put their dog in. she HATES fireworks. poor baby. so i have a question for all of you, what do you do on the 4th of july. do you celebrate it traditionally or have your own traditions? i am just a curious person so if ya all want to respond that will be great. also any suggestions for games. we have about 9 or 10 young adults(kids i say hehehehe) with a huge amount of energy and i really want to keep them occupied LOL. until later i bid you farewell, hugs to all :)