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Monday, January 23, 2006
woooohoooo superbowl here we come!!!!
today something happened that most everyone i know has said would never happen. the seattle seahawks,(or seachicken's as some called us :( grrrr) took the nfc championship game here in seattle against the carolina panthers, while most people think the steelers are going to tromp us, i disagree. i mean miracles do happen and since this is the first time in franchise history we have ever gotten this far, does it not make sense that we are going to go in with thing we have. we were rated last, now we are one of the elite 2, the 2 teams who will face off on feb 4th, in detroit michigan. oh how i wish i could send my hubby and son, there will be some contests by the radio stations i am sure so i will do my best to win them tickets. we will provide the air fare and the accomadations(THEY will go stay with family who live close to detroit!!!) so for all you people who doubted the seahawks all these years. i say to you, WE ARE THE ONES GOING, NOT NEW ENGLAND, NOT CHICAGO, NOT ANY OF THE OTHER TEAMS, DENVER,CAROLINA NO ONE BUT US!!! and the steelers which i grant are a awesome team, but i think we can beat them. on to bowl stardom we go. GO HAWKS YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Blogger Kel said...

Way to go Seahwaks!! We are so excited that this year's Superbowl will really be fun because us Washingtonians get to do something for the first in history..cheer our home team on.

rma86ed at Crochetville

Blogger Wendy said...

My husband likes the Seahawks and my brother is a Steeler fan.

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. (((hugs)))

Blogger vicki said...

thank you wendy, its been a hard day, but ya know, i am just kind of feeling peace for her. she suffered so much. thanks for caring sweetie. means the world to me

Blogger Cheryl said...

hoo hoo!! GO STEELERS!!! lol!! I just had to say that!!!

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