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Sunday, March 05, 2006
i had a awesome day
today was a great day for me, although tiring LOL, first off hubby and i went over to his mom and dads, as his dad asked us to come and pick up the recycled cans he saved for us. we also save them and when we get over 100 pounds of aluminum we take it in and often will get as much as 60.00, well i know that don't sound like much, but if you think about it,, this is something many people throw away right? lol

then we came home for a little bit and unloaded the cans then hubby got ready and we decided we were going to head out for a bit, well our first intention was to go to seattle to qwest field. homeof the seattle seahawks out awesome pro ball team here lol, today they were having a show called the seattle roadster show, which is older cars and alot of fun we are thinking. right? wellllll we headed north towards seattle and ended up in auburn which is a small town between seattle and tacoma. we thought more and more about it and hubby asked me
how bad do you want to go, i said well not that bad as i was adding the cost up in my head , for parking admission gas ect. and we think more about it and said forget it, so we went for a long ride instead. was relaxing and as we headed back to tacome hubby asked where i would like to eat. well today was so beautiful i said why not head home and barbeque new york steaks, he says that sounds pretty good to me too lol, so we came back home and had our bbq'd steak and steak frys and salad, oh and home made garlic bread yummmy lol. today i also recieved a lovely raok today from suzee, she sent me 2 skeins of lovely yarn made with aloe. is so soft but will so enjoy making something nice with this yarn. she also sent me a awesome hand written card. honest to goodness snail mail woooooooo hooooooo suzee and i have become awesome friends these last few weeks on our chat in aim and also in the chat room at the ville'.. i was able to upload some pictures off of my camera today onto the computer..... this is a couple of them so i hope you enjoy them till tomorrow my dear friends i send you hugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggs lol well it seems that blogger is having difficultys in uploading pictures to its site so i will try again tomorrow. huggggs my friends


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an awesome day! I love those days were you just go out and have spontaneous fun! :)

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