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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
howdy ya all
thought i would stop in tonight and say howdy. had a nice day today, met terrijo(from crochetville) at sherries and we had a nice visit. neither of us was very hungry so she had coffee and a cinnamon roll and i had a cinnamon ice cream something lol, was very good, and what it was was pieces of cinnamon rolls cut into strips, topped with carmel and vanilla ice cream and whipping cream on top of that, told ya it was yummy LOL,
we decided we are going to do it again when we have a bit more time to spend time.

this afternoon i payed bills and then came home and cleaned house. daughter called me so upset. seems that joanns has cut her hours once again to a grand total of 12. yes thats right 12 stinking hours. what a crock, i hope she gets the job at the bank. she said she will call friday if she has not heard from them.

i am still working on chemo caps and need to get some done tonight so am going to get off this computer. i hope that tomorrow things are better for everyone. my back

my spine has been getting to the point of no return. been having horrible spasms in my spine along with terrible muscle cramps, was so bad tonight that i felt like i wa having a heart attack, as the spasm started in my low spine and wrapped itself around my back., then around the front of me, i was seriously in bad shape, felt as i was just gosh what is going on here.

well its time for me to get off here and get some crocheting done. have alot of hats to get finished so when the orders come in their down LOL until tomorrow my friends. huggggggs