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Sunday, April 30, 2006
new forum
hi i just wanted to thank kathy and all of the mods who have worked so hard to make a new forum for those who were a tad dissapointed in another board that everyone belongs to, well kathys site is this


it has a lot of fun things and alot of very nice people, while i myself am not quitting the other forum, i will be a active member in both places, and yes i know alot of people feel that they want to leave the other board,but i am not one of them, and i am enjoy this board to.

this weekend has been interesting to say the least, hubby got up early, bought 5 am, woke me up as he headed out the door to go to work, i was so tired i went right back to sleep lol,

he was gone about 3 hours, did not have to work to long, now i am thinking, that was fast, then went back to sleep,. lol, i woke up about 10:30
daughter had gone to work, son was in his room working on his paper for his masters class in education, and i looked around more, no hubby, what did this hard working man of mine do even when i told him he did not have to do it all LOL, this man of mine who is dead tired now, cleaned out my veggie garden, is over 30 feet on both sides and almost 20 feet wide. i got dressed and went outside, this darling man of mine had cleaned the entire veggie garden out. he now has it ready to add the fertilizer, i am curious as the kinds of plants you all raise. this year i think we will go with a couple of heirlooms and a couple more traditional tomato plants and thats it . also will have beans peas, carrots lettuce, peppers ect. oh and going to try corn. (last year we went a little crazy with the tomato plants. grew 14 differnt kinds, and when we harvested we brought in over 84 pounds, yes pounds lol.)

will see if it gets hot enough to actually grow here, well friends i am off to crochet, have some blankies to make for a friend named Ro over at the ville' is for little ones who have lost so much due to hurricane katrina, i have one almost done and am ready to start another lovey as they are called. i hope these children find some comfort in all of those who has participated. when done with the blankies will take a pic and post for ya to see. night for now hugs and god bless and keep you and send special blessings for you all


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a sweet man! Good luck with you veggie garden! There's nothing more tasty than a homegrown tomato. :)

Blogger Brandy said...

That was really nice of your husband. All we are growing is herbs and blueberry bushes...Yum.... Maybe plant a couple of tomatoes in my neighbors garden. Hope you have a good Sunday!!

Blogger kellilee said...

Thanks for posting information on the new crochet forum. I have already joined as a member. I am also brand new to the *other* crochet forum so we will see which one keeps me busiest - or maybe, like you - I will stay active on both.

Blogger CrochetManiacs said...

I just love you woman, you are the nicest and sweetest lady that I have ever had the pleasure to get to know. Thank you for telling folks about my new forum, it was a dream of mine, and I started it 7 or 8 weeks ago. lol, we had just 3 members til 9 days ago. It has really been a dream come true for me, and I will always try to make it a warm and fun place for all to visit.
Hugggs to you Miss Lady.
Thank you for letting folks know about it here in your blog.
It means a lot to me, and I love you for it--------OLD WOMAN,,LOL

Blogger vicki said...

hahaha, i am not offically old till i turn 100 hehe, well aged maybe, certainly seasoned out. but OLD????? lol lol lol

Blogger CrochetManiacs said...

LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, Good One!!!

:) :) :)
love ya girl

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