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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
hi ya all, hope ya are all doing good. i am feeling alright, been busy with crocheting as much as i can. am hoping to get alot of things finished so when hubby and i go to the farmers markets this summer
we will do well and have enough products, am making purses too, and also backpacks, dish clothes, hot pads ect. a variety of things i am hoping will sell and make me some vacation money cause i need one bad lol

have decided to donate a shawl to crochetville auction. am wondering what color to donate. kathy says chartruse LOL but i don't think i want to make that color, anyone have any ideas? i want it to be something people want, yet not so its expensive for me so am debating what yarns to use and what colors. i am asking your opinions and hope you can tell me what you all like. i enjoy making things and am hoping it sells well.

our kittys are so happy with the sunshine we have had lately, but now the rain is back and we have not gotten any relief, well its spring in the pacific northwest.

yesterday was my daughters 22nd birthday, we had a nice time. i took her out to lunch at red robin as that is where she said she wanted to go, and when i told the girl it was her birthday, not only did she get balloons hehe, but she also was sang happy birthday to in italian which of course made my dd very happy as she has been learning italian.

well not much else going on in my life at the moment, have some boxes of yarn to send off this wee, for those of you who don't know what i am talking about, i have been cleaning my craft room out for a few days and still will have to destash some more. i have [promised several people who send me the postage money for the yarn that they can have it free of charge and while it does cost a bit to send(so far the most expensive has been 16.00) there is probably at least 50.00 or more of yarn in there so is a good bargain. will let ya know if i need to destash more, and if your interested and want to send me the money ahead of time i will be happy to send you some yarn., if i have any available. will let ya know. the reason i said ahead of time is this, i have done this 3 times in the last year, and while i was promised that i would recieve the postage back, only a few people actually did so now i have to ask for it before i send, you ask how will i know how much? is cause i will take it to the post office and have them weigh it. to make it short, is the only way i can possibly do it. so if i do have some left will post here and on the ville' and see who wants to pay postage lol
hugggggs my dear friends. i wish you the best of a awesome day from me to you , take care my dear friends. you all know who you are hehe huggggggs


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Do you sell stuff at a farmer's market? How does that go? Good luck to you!
If you're undecided about color, just make what appeals to you. If you like it, chances are many other people will too. :)

Blogger vicki said...

hey sue, well am hoping to this year, i found its not that expensive to have a booth there. i think i have decided to make it in a pretty teal acrylic mohair with silver lurex running through it. sort of like the one i sent to jacqui as a gift. hehe
if not then maybe this new chenille i got yesterday.

Blogger CrochetManiacs said...

Oh, to be 22 again. Tell dd I said I hope she had a happy birthday, I too agree on the colors, if they appeal to you, then most likely they will to others.
Good luck at the farmers market---hope you sell out :)
P.S. I have got to see this lurex everyone goes on about, I have never seen it before.

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