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Monday, March 13, 2006
what a weekend sheesh
well today is sunday and i managed to make it through the weekend without any problems. i am glad things are better for some of you, was nice talking to donna and elizabeth (nursefrawg)and cristina, and trish too, we had a nice chat and is not so bad being on yahoo. i actually like it more now. i did go into the chat room on the forum as fran was there and i wanted to talk to her. yesterday i spent most of my time cleaning my craft room area, well here i thought i could get all my yarn in there ,. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, FAT CHANCE!!!! i have 6 huge boxes without a home, so its back to the craft room this week to make more room, well its like this. ya know all that new yarns out there? all of those awesome e-bay finds? HAHA, traitors is what they are. so now once again i have to go through all of my boxes of yarn and then choose which ones which will become homeless. i wonder if there is a homeless place for stray yarns LOL. i know i am silly hehehehe,finished more squares for comfortghans and will send those squares out to their families this week. been kind of crazy around here. i finished another poncho, is the same greens as the last one i made, and am about half way done with another blue one. i need to sit down and go over what becky would like for the shawl/stole swap. i have some awesome yarn i am going to make her shawl with. am waiting for it to come from hawaii. its just awesome. also am waiting for jimbo to finish my hook i sent him the wood for.the wood came from our corkscrew willow tree that we have had forever. its slowly dying so to have a hook made by him out of that wood, well its just priceless. will send him the money as soon as he tells me.

speaking of goodies, well i have to tell ya, the shea buttah and the hand made soap i bought from deneen is just awesome. i can not imaginehow anyone could do with othet them, speaking of i need to order some more of the buttah as my mil loves mine and i am forever hiding it and putting it safely away from here and all the other snatchers of my goodies LOL

speaking of mil, hubby and i went over there today for our weekly visit and that sweetie insisted on giving me a little money so i can buy yarn. like i NEED YARN!!!!, i had bought her a longer phone cord and she loved it so she gave me that money plues a little extra. thanks mom.
were there, hubbys uncle called from michigan. he rocks, is a super nice person. well dear friends, i need to get off this computer and go to bed. am just beat. you all take care and hope ya all have a great day. sending lots of hugs to my friends and others too, see i am a nice person LOl, talk with ya all tomorrow. take care and god bless and keep you. hugs to ya all.


Blogger CrochetManiacs said...

If you are running out of room, my yarn stash say howdy, they (my yarn) would gladly scooch over and make some more space here--lol.
Got to get out of here and go to bed. Is morning here girl.
Huggs also, to everyone.

Blogger ladylinoleum said...

Woman, maybe my stray yarn could meet your stray and produce even more stray yarn...LOL.

Blogger vicki said...

hehehe, is a idea, pm me if you think you could use it, i will send ya it for postage only. if that works for you let me know and i will get a box ready and show it to you prior to shipping to show you how much is there and then could also see how much to ship if i have your addres. huggggs

Blogger jaclim said...

Wow!!!! I envy you for those boxes of stray yarns.....couldn't even imagine how much yarns you have in your stash. lol! Makes me drool just thinking of them. Just to let you know I still haven't gotten the package for the ornament swap. It's so funny as packages sent for me last Christmas still hasn't arrived. Those that were sent this year have been more or less received. Oh well.....I have to be more patient. lol! Take care, my friend! hugs

Blogger vicki said...

jackie i am so sorry you have not received it. thats awful, payday will send you a little something to make up for it and will hope it gets there this time:P hugggs

Blogger jaclim said...

You don't have to do that, Vicki! I'm not worried that it'll get lost as the post office employee who works for the parcel department knows me and always sets aside packages that are for me......I'll let you know as soon as I get it. :-))))))

Blogger CrochetManiacs said...


LOL, just funnin ya old woman

Blogger vicki said...

grannie rotfl you crack me up woman hehehehe. let me know if you want some then i will need postage. sorry but thats the only way i can send it all out. can't afford it otherwise. anyone else interested also let me know

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