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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
another day ho hum lol
today was a typical tuesday, woke up crocheted, ate breakfast, crocheted, went to walmart and costco, came home crocheted lol, seems i crocheted over half the day today gosh, well i have a lot of squares to get done and now know i have to get michaels afghan done as he is going to be starting chemo on monday and i so want him to have it to make him feel better. is hard to believe how bad things can be so fast.i pray that this treatment kills the cancer for good now and that he recovers fully and without any side effects that are so bad. i noticed that there is a few comments about donating to cancer society, well there is more to it then that. my nephew has requested that the money i am donating from the sale of the hats i am making for him and his friends to support him, to the university of washington cancer research center. which i still have to get the money from the hats so i can send the donation all at once.

am also making more squares for comfortghans. have a few to make and will get those done this weekend.

the weather is weird this week, just when ya think its spring coming, then bam more winter is here. suppose to get really cold and all this week. possible snow they said. well phooey i say i want summertime to come and warm weather. i am envious of you who live in sunny warm weather send some my way please lol

well i received my name for the stole/shawl swap, its becky hedden , who i will make something thats not tooo hot as she is one of the people who live in sunny country lol. i am so jealous becky lol

tonight chatted with friends on yahoo as i feel like i am being spyed upon in the crochetville chat. seems some people complain and we all suffer. oh well i know this is their right as the administrators of this particular space on the web, and as such they have the right to make their own rules, but sensorship seems a but much to me, there no more need be said. to those of you who are my friends, i adore you all, for the rest of ya. hope ya all have a nice day said with sugar sweet smile plastered upon my face. . seems we all have a opinion, but only a few count.

tomorrow is another day and i hope all of MY friends have a awesome fantastic wendsnday. i am off to croceht with my new yarn i got today off of e-bay. must remember to post positive feedback for this seller. she rocks. goodnight to ya all take care and god bless, keep the faith it can only get better. hugggs


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with ya! I can't wait for spring to come down here in the bay area! Enough rain!

Blogger CrochetManiacs said...

One more on board your ship. Where are we sailing off too this Summer guys?

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