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Sunday, April 09, 2006
how was your weekend?

hi, hope ya all had a great weekend. hard to believe how fast it goes by. saturday i cleaned house all day and was so tired and hurting i knew i over did it, but hey the house looks good lol. i also went through more of my craft room boxes, in hopes of whiddling it down a fair amount, and while i tried hard to go through and just set it aside to be given away, i found it hard to give up my yarns and threads lol, but i did set aside i think was 6 boxes so far, although i certainly will need to destash more so will post and see who needs what and how much they will be willing to exchange for my yarns. right now am sending to teresa/kathy/and sue, all i need is postage and those babies are yours ladies. also am going to go through more of my thread as i have more than one woman can ever use and there is no reason for it. although i know as soon as i get rid of it, thats going to be the one color i need to have to finish a important project lol, ahhh life how strange it is indeed !!!! sunday hubby and i went for a lovely ride up to the mountain and surrounding areas. what beauty lays in my own sweet area of this part of the world, mt rainier was not visible as there was so many clouds, but is truly a national treasure. wish i could have taken pictures as you have got to see our famous mountian. this summer when the weather is nicer i will snag some pictures of it for all to see.

tonight i chatted with my friends on yahoo , went to the ville' to see if anyone was there but no one was, darn it, i wish that i could have chatted with fran. i miss her alot, hopefully tomorrow i can catch ner.trish and i chatted alot tonight. thanks sweetie for listening and lettting me vent, you rock girl lol. talked with donna and jacqui also. oh jacqui i will have a nice suprise headed your way in the near future. won't say what it is, but its a awesome goodie lol, donna you are like the energizer bunny, you keep going , and hardly ever stop, i wish i had your energy sweetie. anyways to all of you who are always here for me, thank you i know we all have moments when we need someone to lean on. you guys are the best. i feel so loved with you all. i am glad we are all friends. till tomorrow as i am headed off here to crochet. got some things to make and get on with life. go bless you all. huggggggs till tomorrow my friends sleep well love ya bunches and bunches :)


Blogger jaclim said...

Hi Vicki! Love the view....I'm so jealous! lol! I had a great weekend as well and hope to have another great one this week beading! lol! hugs

Blogger vicki said...

thanks jackie, isn;t it a pretty site. the bridge that they are building runs paralell from the old narrows bridge and when done will releave congustion on the bridge. i adore your beaded bracelts and omgosh that shawl you made for the swap, such talent you have my friend. hugggggs and god bless

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