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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
help i am drowning in yarn
hey all, want to help this poor old lady swim her way to the top of the yarn pile? omgosh this weekend hubby decided to clean his garage out, in the house came 8 more boxes of yarns and stuff, i said where did this come from, having forgot my son snagged it and put it out there about 6 months ago, i am soon going to have more yarn to get rid of., anyone want to buy some from me, i sell cheap , really cheap lol, i was able to go through a couple of the boxes today but omgosh, i a worn out thinking about it. i admit it peeps i am a yarnaholic (sticking my tounge out) this weekend all we did was work around the house, hubby wants to have this HUGE party for the 4th(i am so against this, i remember what happened last time we did this)but is his wish and since he does not ask alot of me and generly lets me have my fix when it comes to yarns, i told him i would do my best to get this done and finished so we can repaint the inside of the house before the big shindig, HA, i will be suprised should he paint my toenails let alone the house, is the truth have had the same ugly color in my kitchen since i moved here 30+ years ago.maybe i would be more inclinded to grt my stuff done should he actually do the work he says. hehe

i got my Crochet mag the other day and dd says there is alot of things she wants to have me make for her(seeing this could be a few choice christmas presents i thought to myself wooohoooo) its very interesting whats in there and while some it will not appeal to, her it did, woohooo.

not up to much else, have pt for my leg again tomorrow, just when i thought it was getting better, my leg cramps up on me and i fell this morning. yes i am alright , but madder than hades because now i have to start the therapy pretty much all over again, i have hideous bruises on my leg and hip. just when ya think its getting better, something jumps up and bites ya in the rear. maybe its a temporary pain and will go away before to long(one can dream can't one) i am almost done with my lovey for Ro's babies, would have been done along time ago with the other blankie i made, but my dear darling 3 year old niece, miss abby, decided she wanted a blankie for her baby and this one was to big and she somehow got scissors from here when sis was visiting and decided to cut her self a new blanket. needless to say, i cried when they left.my sister was moritfied and i told her no don;t worry was not your fault, was mine for not hiding the scissors, and while you might be thinking abby could have been hurt? they were safety scissors, blunt ends and used for scrap booking, now of course my main mission in life once i finish the blankie for Ro is to make said niece a blankie for her baby.jeeze lousie.

well my dear friends am off to bed as i have therapy again tomorrow and while i am not feeling so hot i will try and refrain from screaming as i go through the steps for stretching.

i want to especially thank my dear friend whos hubby serves in the air force, and while he serves in "active duty" donna serves in the reserves, making sure things are going smoothly.

speaking of donna, she is a good friend i met on crochetville, her name there is buggaboosmommy, well come next fall she is going to be doing

this http://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=158775&supid=128304440

please read her story and should you feel so inclined please donate to this worthy cause , i am going to pledge to send as much as i can afford to save up this summer, course now i am on a yarn diet so i should not have much new yarns of course, unless someone comes up with a awesome bargain hehe

well peeps am off to bed since my old body is so far out of tune do to me falling , i am going to try and sleep and see what i can do, till tomorrow dear friends i send you hugggggs and lots of love and blessings. remember, don't ever put off till tomorrow what can be done today., it will just be that much harder to push your way through it all, believe me yarn stashes this big should be against the law LOL rotfl lmao huggggggs to all of you[]]]


Blogger Brandy said...

Have to let me know what color and kind of yarn you have. Hope you leg gets to feeling better soon. My hubby starts hard work therapy this week. Not sure how long he will do it for. Well remember deep breathing through stretching and it wont be so bad, I think. Have a great day!!

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