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Sunday, June 04, 2006
hey ya all major rant ahead
sorry have not been blogging for a while, things have just been crazy. had some problems with itsy the first of last week and have been running around helping her too. and a bunch of other boring stuff hehe

i am so upset with the united states post office, see i am a complete dunder head and forgot to get tracking numbers on a few of the packages i sent out. and now these same packages are missing, although should they never be found i will certainly remake the packages and resend them to the people getting them it still burns my rear end to think that somehow the usps lost huge boxes of things with postage worth over 50.00. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

now on to better things, see how easy i am to get along with. i will be posting some yarns i have for sale this week and if you are interested please let me know, brandy i know you are and will show you first choice.

its been a nasty rainy few days and i am getting kind of fed up with the weather. it seems to be raining most of the time(although today we were blessed with a semi dry day and were able to bbq)

i am in the process of making a friend a belt(you know who you are don't ya love!!!) is one of th few things i have not really made a lot of and am not finding it all that hard. also doing some comfort ghan sq and also i need to finish the blankies for Ro. almost done with them and that made 2 of them done. hope it helps some one.

well its 1:47 am and am off to hit the bed, snooze time is drawing near and since i have to get up in a litte more than 3 hours is pretty tiring(hubby leaves for work, then i usually try and go back tobed but seldom make it

hoping to blog more tomorrow, missed ya all, i need to read some blogs too, today has just been harder for some reason. am just tired i guess
so to all of you from me, god bless and keep you, and also please keep my family in your prayersl my siblings and i are having a rough time right now, thanks for all of your kindness and caring. without you all where would i be. love ya all


Blogger Brandy said...

Hey. Just wanted to say hi and hope you are doing ok. How is the leg doing? Hope ok. Hang in there, things will get better, I think?.. {{Hugs}}

Blogger vicki said...

thanks hon, just hard right now, i know things will eventually get better(at least i hope so) its just stressful right now. your a sweetie for thinking of me hugggs

Blogger Jessie said...

::hugs:: You know I love ya. Remember all the people taht care about and that'll help the days go by. Gosh, I really should listen to myself talk sometimes. >.< Anyway, I hope things get better for you. =x
See ya,
Love ya, dear.
<3 Jes.

Blogger vicki said...

your such a sweetie jessie, i know things will pick up, just having a hard time right now. thanks for caring both of you, huggggs

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