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Saturday, February 04, 2006
today was my uncle richards memorial, it went very well and i was able to see cousins i had not seen in a few months, my uncle was born on april 1st 1928, and died on janurary 26, 2006. i adored my dear uncle and am going to be lost without his smile and his laughter and his kind and caring words. he was a man who many people wished they could be, he had a loving family, with my aunt bonnie and their wonderful children, patsy, sharon, karan, and shelly. all who i was able to see and talk to today, was so very hard to walk into that house today , and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him and loved him, so now that memorial is over and next week will be my mothers, i ask you pray that i get through it cause this one was so very very hard. my cousin karan, who lives in california with her husband tim, made a very nice pamplet telling about uncle richard. there was a picture collage that was on tne wall, with pictures on it i have never even seen before LOL. i was so very blessed to have uncle richard as my uncle,, his kind caring ways and his quick wit made him a joy to be around. i will greatly miss his ginger snaps he always made for me and others for christmas. as i shed my many tears i try and think about days where he and i shared more than a common bond of gardening,and other things, was always willing to listen and did not ever judge , not once did he judge me, he was just there.uncle richard i love you dearly and you will be forever in my heart. thank you all of you for reading this, is just my way of saying goodbye and you will always be my wonderful friends and i thank you all huggggs


Blogger Hilary said...

You know I'm praying for you, hon. Anytime you need a shoulder, here I am. *Big hug*

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